AGT, Motivated Skills & Career Success

Wondering what’s the connection? Read on to connect the dots.

This is not a plug for AGT, but a little self-disclosure, it’s one of the shows I enjoy watching – amazing talent among the undiscovered! On a recent episode, Joseph Allen, 21 years old, budding song writer and singer, taught himself how to produce, mix and engineer music. After his performance he got the golden buzzer!

People from all walks of life, experiences, backgrounds, ages have auditioned and gotten the opportunity to share their talent and aspirations nationally and around the world. When I listen to their stories, they talk of the copious hours they put in to develop, nurture and hone in their talent. They do this of their own volition.

Do you wonder why?

They do this because they are motivated. The motivation comes from doing something that interests them, and they find purposeful. Another essential motivator is they are using their motivated skills – skills that they are good at or excel in and enjoy using.

Motivated skills are skills we are good at or excel in, enjoy and/or love using. These skills motivate, inspire, interest, encourage, excite, stimulate, prompt, spur, impel and activate us to do our work. If your work/career requires you to use these skills for majority of the time, you are more likely to be satisfied and successful personally and professionally.

Do you know your motivated skills? Are you using them? If you find you are not, you might be dealing with career misfit and need to explore further.