Catherine Nkonge

Career Coach & Trainer

"Helping You Take Ownership Of Your Career"

So you can live fully through work you treasure.

 I provide the process and tools you need. Don’t leave it to chance.


Your Career Concern Matters

Think about your career. Are you:

If you are, you can do something about it. You’re not stuck. Working together you will gain clarity about your career concern, develop a strategy to confidently tackle your concern and take ownership of your career.

No action on your part leads to continued career dissatisfaction and frustration. It means leaving the outcome to chance.

Hazina is a Swahili word that means treasure. A fulfilling career life is a treasure worth finding.

What Makes Hazina Career Services Unique

The Hazina Process Equips You With The Process and Tools You Need

Provides the tools and resources you need

Provides a laid out step by step process

Equips you to take ownership of your career


Career Fit

Learn to utilize self-exploration exercises, informal and formal career assessments to identify and clarify careers that are good match for you.

Career Transition

Learn how to clarify what you want, utilize experience analysis to identify and communicate your transferable experience for target transition opportunities.

Job Search

Learn how to clarify what you want, identify target job opportunities, develop and implement effective job search strategy.

Professional Growth

Learn how to take ownership in shaping, molding or directing your professional growth and develop an action plan to do so.

Ways To Work With Me

One on One Coaching

Through a guided step by step process you gain the knowledge, insight, tools and skills you need to successfully tackle the career concern that impede your professional life.

  • Onsite (local office)
  • Video Conferencing (virtual)

Online Courses

The courses provides you with a step by step process that equips you with the tools and resources you need to confidently and successfully tackle your career concern.

  • Self-directed Options

Youth Career Readiness

Youth career development has a positive impact on academic achievement and overall development. They benefit from career exploration, gaining self-awareness, and developing a plan for reaching future goals.

  • Onsite and online


"I found most helpful, Catherine's ability to pull from my longings and hopes a concrete plan of how to achieve what it is that I may be good at, how that vocation may be aligned with my values and career goals, and what action steps were needed. The homework and guides she provided were immensely helpful. If you think that you're stuck, or searching for something but don't quite know what it is, Catherine is the perfect person to come alongside you in and meet you where you are."
"Catherine’s attention to detail and great listening skills contribute to her success helping me navigate my transition to a full time career. I have met with Catherine multiple times, and each time she has asked what I wanted to get from the sessions, delivered a session tailored to my needs, and then double checked to make sure that my needs have been addressed."
"Catherine is very nice and empathetic to work with and will get you completely back on track with your career goals and make sure you have what you need to set yourself on the path of job searching. With her guidance I am back on track and prepared to network in my fields of interest. When it is time to apply for a job I will the tools that I need to do so, and have the ability to identify if the position is a right fit for me so I do not waste my energy applying for the wrong job".
"When I began seeing Catherine, I had no idea what to expect as I had never heard of career counseling. It has become one of the most impactful things on my life, not just at work but at home as well. Having the opportunity to dissect things that I personally struggle with in the workplace, especially in a leadership position, is so beneficial. I recommend her services to many people that feel “stuck” either in their role or their professional life as it is has been so beneficial for me!"