Why we do what we do

Catherine Nkonge
Catherine Nkonge – Founder

As I look over my career journey, I have been able to do work that I enjoy, that engages my interests, enables me to use skills/abilities that I enjoy and excel in and most important work that I have found meaningful and purposeful. My goal at Hazina Career Services is to help you experience a fulfilling and meaningful career life by addressing the concerns that hinder you from doing so.

Your work life plays a key role in defining who you are, making it vital to be intentional in addressing  your career concerns and not brush them aside. I have experienced going through a career transition and all it entails, the job search, interviewing, networking, etc. Dealing with any kind of career concern can be a stress producing experience. Left unattended, career concerns, can negatively influence your professional success and/or affect your physical or emotional well-being.

At HCS I help career professionals who are struggling with a career concern, realize they are not stuck and figure out what they can do about it. You will gain the knowledge, insight, tools and skills you need to do so. “Each persons’ career issue or concern is unique to them and there is need to figure out how to best address it. The same approach is not going to work for everybody, so I make it a point to figure out how to uniquely address each client.”

In my  work with clients I have witnessed them gain the hope and confidence to successfully tackle their career concerns and goals. My goal at HCS is to provide customized, affordable, quality career counseling/coaching services.