Own Your Career Journey

Blog Intro

I love and enjoy helping people gain what I call KITS – knowledge, insight, tools and skills they need to confidently and successfully address their career concerns. There is nothing more fulfilling than when I look into a client’s eyes and see a glimmer of hope or realization that they are not stuck, they can do something regarding their career concern.

Our work or what we do professionally is a big part of who we are. Through our work we express and define ourselves. In my line of work I have witnessed the harm, frustration and negative impact, an unhappy or unfulfilling career life can have on someone.

Through this blog I will address various career topics and share insights I have gained as a career counselor/coach. I hope it will provide opportunity to dialogue and interact over the career issues, concerns and interests that impact our lives.

Catherine Nkonge, LPC

Career Counselor/Coach | Hazina Career Services

Engaging customer experience so that as an end result, we be CMSable. Leverage below the fold and finally gain traction. Generating bleeding edge and creating actionable insights.

Owen Brewer

Brand Expert | Mantell Design

Generating best in class in order to improve overall outcomes. Inform outside the box thinking and finally target the low hanging fruit. Repurose big data and possibly gain traction.

Emilie Francis

Support Staff | Gerwyn Financial