How Prepared Are You To Successfully Do Your Job Search?

Do you know what you want? Having clarity about what you want is key.

Are you engaging your network? If you’re not, this is a huge oversight.

Do you have a process and tools to use in your search? Having these provides guidance and reduces the stress of trying to figure it out.

What Job Search Coaching Provides

Step by Step Process

It takes the guess work out of it.

This guided process entails 7 coaching sessions which show you how to clarify what you are looking for in your job search, identify fitting job targets, effectively communicate your experience, engage your network, and how to prepare to ace the interview.

Tools & Resources

You get equipped with the tools you need.

These include handouts, worksheets, guides, visuals, instructional videos, assessments, and vetted online resources to utilize in the laid-out step by step process.


Inspires Emotional Well-Being

A fulfilling career has positive ripple effects on your overall quality of life.

Through self-reflection and dig deeper exercises you will discover how to cultivate emotional well-being through the job search process.


Next Steps

Knowing what steps to take next is important to your success.

You will clarify and determine what you need to do to fine tune your job search strategy so that your search is successful.


What happens in the 7 sessions?


Session One: Gain Clarity

You will gain clarity on what you need to do so you can be effective in your job search.

  • Gain clarity on what you need to focus and work on to be job search ready.
  • Develop a plan on how to proceed.
  • Plan how to address identified barriers.


Session Two: Know What You Want

You will get clear on what you want so that you can identify and focus on the jobs that align with what you want.

  • Define and determine your interests, values, skills/abilities, purpose/meaning as they pertain to your job search.
  • Develop your criteria for your job search targets

Session Three: Identify Your Targets

You will develop a list of positions/title and companies/organizations that you will target in your job search

  • Research and determine types of positions or titles you want to target.
  • Research and identify types of companies/organizations you would like to work for.


Session Four: Resume Creation

You will develop and create a customized resume that you can tweak as needed to target specific jobs.

  • Identify suitable resume format.
  • Customize your resume to effectively communicate your experience for target specific position(s)
  • Utilize vetted resume writing resources from expert resume writers.

Session Five: Social Media Footprint

You will develop and/or update professional social media to reflect and communicate job search goals.

  • Communicate your experience, expertise and career interests through your online professional presence.
  • Create or update your LinkedIn profile.

Session Six: The Search Strategy

You will develop and implement a strategy for conducting your job search.

  • Use a strategy that breaks down the process into manageable actionable steps.
  • Engage your network.
  • Learn and use networking techniques.
  • Incorporate use of job boards.

Session Seven: Ace the Interview

You will learn and use interview preparation techniques to prepare yourself for your job interview.

  • Develop your level of confidence in doing job interviews.
  • Engage in pre-interview preparation exercises.
  • Learn steps to take for post-interview follow up.

What Are My Options?

Online Course (SELF-DIRECTED)

Online Course (W/ (7)1-ON-1 SESSIONS)