Does this describe your experience in your work life?

  • Loss of interest/no interest in your work
  • Feeling little challenge or motivation
  • You spend most of the day doing tasks you don’t enjoy or aren’t good at doing
  • Your values are not supported
  • You feel depressed, stressed or anxious
  • You have trouble finding purpose or meaning in the work you do

 It maybe because your job doesn’t fit who you really are. Lack of career fit is a leading cause of career dissatisfaction.

“You can do something about it. You are not stuck!”

What does Career Fit Coaching provide?

Step by Step Process

It takes the guess work out of it.

This guided process entails 7 coaching sessions which show you how to gather the information you need to identify, clarify, and narrow down best self-fitting career options.

Tools & Resources

You get equipped with the tools you need.

These include handouts, worksheets, guides, visuals, instructional videos, assessments, and vetted online resources to utilize in the laid-out step by step process.

Inspires Emotional Well-Being

A fulfilling career has positive ripple effects on your overall quality of life.

Through self-reflection and dig deeper exercises you will discover how to cultivate emotional well-being into your work life.

Next Steps

Knowing what steps to take next is important to your success.

You will explore, clarify, determine, and develop your next steps action plan for pursuing your best fitting career option(s).

What happens in the 7 sessions?


Session One: Gain Clarity

  • Recognize the reasons for lack of career fit
  • Develop an understanding of what a self-fitting career means for you
  • Define your self-fitting career statement

Session Two: Look Within

  • Defining barriers (beliefs, circumstances, relationships)
  • Identify your barriers
  • Learn how to mind and channel your emotions for career success


Session Three: Get To Know Yourself

  • Explore & identify your: interests, abilities/skills, values
  • Analyze your work experience
  • Define what purposeful work means to you
  • Identify potential self-fitting careers

Session Four: Career Assessments

  • Determine which one is right for you
  • Select and complete assessment
  • Analyze and learn how make use of results
  • Identify potential self-fitting careers


Session Five: Determine Your Self-Fitting Career Criteria

  • Connect the dots: clarify self-fitting career criteria
  • Complete self-fitting career criteria table
  • Compile list of potential self-fitting careers

Session Six: Identify Your Self-Fitting Careers

  • Research list of potential self-fitting careers
  • Use filtering process to identify self-fitting careers
  • Compile short list of self-fitting careers

Session Seven: Explore Your Next Step Options

  • Grow from where your are
  • Look beyond
  • Develop next step action plan

What Are My Options?

Online Course (SELF-DIRECTED)

Online Course (W/ (7)1-ON-1 SESSIONS)