Your career counseling/coaching experience

At Initial Session

  • Prior to session you will complete a career intake form.
  • During session you will explore and clarify career concerns to determine focus of career counseling/coaching.
  • At conclusion of session you will receive feedback and recommendation on next steps for addressing your career concerns, including an estimated number of sessions.
  • You will have the freedom to decide how you wish to proceed.


About the  Counseling/Coaching Process

  • Your unique situation always directs the process. An integrative approach to career counseling/coaching is utilized that includes providing support for the emotional issues that often co-exist with career concerns and can be an obstacle in experiencing professional success.
  • You will identify specific career concerns you want to address and the goals you want to accomplish.
  • As needed formal and/or informal career assessments are incorporated in the counseling/coaching process to provide insight and information. (Some career assessments will require additional cost, of which you will be informed ahead of time.)
  • To get the most out of of the counseling/coaching you do during the session, you will most likely have “follow up work” in between sessions. To accomplish your set goals it is vital to the work in between sessions.
  • “Check-ins” are built-in to ensure your career concerns and goals remain the focal point of the counseling process.
  • The goal is for you to develop a clear sense of direction in addressing your career concerns.


Services are provided onsite at our centrally located office (across from the Galleria) and through Video Conferencing. This is a great option if coming to the office is not feasible or convenient. It does not require you to download any software and you can use your laptop, desktop or mobile. Contact us to find out more about this option.

“Your Career Concern Matters; Working Together You Can Do Something About It!”