Small Group Career Coaching

What Is Small Group Coaching?

  • Small group career coaching provides a supportive team environment for group members to explore and address their career concern.
  • There is an identified overarching career concern or objective that the group coaching is focused on. Group members support each other, as they each work on their individual goals.
  • Facilitation and guidance is provided to help group members work through their career concern or goal.
  • Group sized is capped at 8. This strikes the right balance between getting the benefit of group interaction and receiving individual attention from the facilitator. The average number of group sessions is 6-7.


 Details for new group coming soon!

Benefits of Group Coaching

  • Groups create opportunities to develop new relationships for networking and friendship.
  • Learn tips and gain insight from the stories, experiences and insights of the other group members.
  • Support from group members. You do not have to do it alone.
  • Groups cost less in comparison to individual career counseling/coaching
  • Interaction among group members promotes mutual learning and allows group members to benefit from the positive social interaction.


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