Areas of Focus


Determining Career Fit

  • Career dissatisfaction or fulfillment
  • Career misfit
  • Integrating education, training & career goals
  • Using career assessments to inform career fit
  • Graduated. Now what?

Job Search / Career Transition

  • Effective job search strategy
  • Resume development
  • Interview prep
  • LI profile set up
  • Transferable experience assessment
  • Communicating transferable experience
  • Figuring out next steps

Professional Growth

  • Managing career advancement
  • Developing/growing as a leader
  • Developing a career vision
  • Developing and implementing career goals
  • Authentic Networking
  • Developing Mentor relationships


Work Related Stress

  • Unhealthy work environment
  • Unhealthy or poor work relationships
  • Addressing Emotional stressors
  • Lack of work – life balance
  • Poor work environment fit


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