You feel frustrated with trying to figure it out.

Probably feel you have used up a lot of time and energy, with no results.

What is your motivation for your career transition?

Do you know what you want?

Do you know what steps to take to make the transition?

Do you have the tools you need to make a successful transition?

What Would It Feel Like To

Articulate to yourself and others what you want to do in your career life.

Have your shortlist of careers to target for your transition, so you know what to say YES to.

Identify and overcome what’s holding you back, so that you can get unstuck.

Experience purpose/meaning in the work you do, so that you can make the impact you want with your life.

“The most helpful part of career coaching was Catherine’s help with identifying, demystifying and challenging long-standing emotional and mental barriers in my career path. Career coaching with her was a place where I felt safe to share my career-related fears and weaknesses. She gently challenged me to face my real  and perceived career barriers, and equipped me with tools to discover a short list of careers that would be a good fit for my skills, desires and interests”.


“The way that the experience has changed me the most is that I feel hope. I feel hopeful and unstuck, including that I don’t feel as worried about feeling stuck or confused in the future. I’m hopeful that I can find something I want in a career/work. I’d been trying to figure out what I wanted to be my next step for a very long time and hadn’t gotten much clarity before working with Catherine. She is patient, asks good questions, and has good insight. She tailored the sessions to fit me. I felt understood and listened to by her, which helped me get unstuck”.


What Do I Get Out Of Coaching?


Gain Clarity

Result – Your Defined Vetting Criteria


Connect the Dots

Result – Your Transition Career Shortlist


Take Action

Result – Your Ready to Execute Action Plan

One on One – 8 Week Coaching Program