Owning My Career Journey

Ashlee’s Story

A couple of weeks ago I opened an email from Ashlee with an update that put a grin on my face from ear to ear!

“I wanted to update you about my career journey. After 17 months of actively searching, applying, and interviewing I went to a hiring event with (a well-known school district). I was HIRED by the first supervisor with whom I spoke! I gladly accepted as it is very close to my home, and gives me the ability to work more hours, at a higher wage as well as continue to be a nanny! I will be a teacher’s assistant, at an elementary school. I am so very pumped! My hope is that this will allow me to pay for a play therapist certification and then eventually be hired on with the district as a play therapist! Thank you so much for being a part of my journey in figuring out how God wants to use me!”

Ashlee, a former client (not real name), after completing her Master’s degree, pursued a career in her field of study for about 2 years. Her experiences during this time let her know that her career pursuit was out of alignment with her interests, values and what she found meaningful or purposeful. She decided to do something about it.


At the start of our work together, Ashlee expressed her goal of wanting to clarify and define her long-term career aspirations, a career path that will be purposeful and meaningful. Working together she explore her career interests through self-exploration, reflecting on past work experience and utilizing informal career assessments. Utilizing other career counseling tools she identified values important to her and her motivator skills.

Pooling the information garnered, Ashlee was able to clarify and define her career interests, identify transferable skills/abilities from previous work, and develop a plan for her job search.  She was also able to address underlying issues, impacting her professional life.

The career counseling experience affirmed, she can still pursue her hopes and dreams of a more meaningful/purposeful career.

 Intentionality and persistence on her part paid off. She accomplished her goal. This is at the core of owning our career journey. Kudos to Ashlee!

Thank you so much for being a part of my journey in figuring out how God wants to use me!”