Career Dissatisfaction Hurts More Than Just Our Careers

 “I have come to dislike my job very much”.

“I get nothing out of it. I am bored”.

“I am running on empty”.

Stop for a moment and imagine feeling this way: Day in day out. Every week. Month after month. From year to year.

This is what one of my clients had to say about their job of 6+ years. Reading these comments it is plausible to assume they are not happy, interested, or motivated with their work. They find no purpose or meaning in their work. Living this out daily will most likely have a negative impact on anyone’s mental well-being.

In a research study conducted by Ohio State University (presented at American Sociological Association annual meeting, 2016), the researchers found that there is a cumulative effect of job satisfaction on an individual’s health. Mental health is affected by the way someone feels about their work.

One of the most commonly observed effects of a dissatisfying work is increased anxiety and depression, which can also possibly trigger physical health problems as well.

It is imperative to address the concerns or issues in our professional lives that keep us up at night or continue to eat at us. Here are three tips to get you doing that:

Acknowledge you might have a potential career concern. Take time to dig a little deeper to identify what it is.

Realize that you are not stuck and that you can do something about it. You don’t have to accept things, grit your teeth and just bear it. It is worth exploring your options, even if you are not ready to do anything right away.

Decide to act. There are a lot of free career resources that you can use in addressing your career concern. If needed you can seek out professional counsel or coaching.